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The unit indicated by the stickers is the Croatian 110 Brigada HVO from Usora, a tiny region populated by isolated Croats near the center of the former-Yugoslavia. This area was in Bosnia-Herzegovina when the war broke out, and they were assigned to the mostly Muslim 2nd Corps of the ABiH. There was some pretty hard fighting against the Serbs in the region and the 110 coordinated their defense with the other units of the ABiH corps. After the Serbian offensive had come to a stop along the lines where the Serbs had claimed, disputes began to arise between various Croat units of the HVO and the Bosnians over the regions they shared between them, which led to full on fighting between the two. Croatian units were now allying themselves with their old Serbian enemies to attack their former allies, the Bosnians.

What makes the 110 Brig. interesting is that they did not turn on the Bosnians when their neighboring Croatian units did, and continued to fight along side ABiH against the Serbs. They may not have had much choice, as they were quite sandwiched between the Serbs and Bosnians. But I also have to wonder how much, if they had been treated properly under ABiH command, they would have simply found it distasteful to suddenly buddy-up to the enemy they’d been battling so hard to contain all this time, and start shooting at their old supporters. Or maybe things were just more pragmatic than this all along the line.

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