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Finally fell off the wagon and bought a Century PAP, whatever that stands for. Actually a really great Zastava factory-built rifle but like all Century guns these need some rework to make them “right” after they have worked on them. I put on a new top cover, new Polish cleaning rod, M 70 grip, rear sling swivel and M 70 sling, and a double-hook trigger which the receiver is already cut for. I did a lot of file work to the mag well cleaning up their crappy milling work and scraping the burrs off, fortunately the mag well was too tight so I had metal to work with and the mag fit is great now. Re-squeezed the two lower front trunnion rivets to correct the crooked heads, re-fitted the slant brake so it screws on all the way, deburred the whole thing. Refitted the gas tube so you don’t need a hammer to move the locking lever. I put in a new standard AK/Yugo bolt for a double-stack mag (requires milling down the top of the bullet guide about .025”). The comb of the stock was so high I couldn’t align the sights even with my cheek pressed into the stock so I re-cut the angle on the front of the stock…took about 2mm off the bottom and angled it up to the existing top cut to drop the comb down, much better now, didn’t measure it but probably dropped the top of the stock about 3/8”. I keep seeing reference to these being parkerized but I am fairly sure they are blasted with fine alum-oxide media and blued. The good part is a good cold blue will touch them up real nice. I reblued all the bare metal in the mag well. Next stop is the range!

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