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Pilots License

Man I really want to get a Private Pilots license. It is totally impractical because I don’t think I can afford to fly or buy a plane, but It just seems like something I would love to learn and have a License for. 

The only time I have really flown in small planes was when I was about 10 my Uncle from Australia came over and he took me out. He owns a taxi service and he is a bush pilot. We rented a small Cessna 172 and took it for a spin around Houston. We went right by some buildings downtown. I am sure post 9/11 some crazy Aussie cannot just rent a plane and go fly unattended with a 10 year old.

I don’t really know how it works, I can’t really afford to take off and go to a school. If I can find a cool teacher locally that will break it up and let me do maybe an hour a week I could probably swing it. I read teachers are like $20-$40 an hour, and you can rent a plane for $40 an hour, but I have no idea how much gas would be for an hour of flying. You need 40 hours to get your license.

I know a couple of pilots one kid is real douchy preppy kid he flys all the time from College Station to Dallas to go watch Rangers games. Then one of my old co-workers dad is a pilot and he actually built his own plane from a kit and got it FAA certified. 

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