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Specially developed on request from the USMC, the “A5” Combo Kit stock configuration was developed specifically for the future upgrade on the M16A4. If adopted, the newly revamped rifle would be designated as the M16A5.

The patent pending Vltor A5 configuration stock kit is not just an EMod stock with M4 components; it’s developed as a completely new operating system. For example, the receiver extension is longer, housing a longer and specially weighted buffer, utilizing the M16A2 action spring. The A5 receiver extension features seven adjustment positions. When totally collapsed, the EMod is at the same length if mounted to any carbine length (M4) receiver extension. When totally extended (in the seventh position), the EMod can extend to a longer length of pull than an M16A2 stock assembly.

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    put an A5 buffer system on my AR. Recoil is minimal, its amazing. BUY THIS.
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