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This is a Kelty backpack that is available through Amron International. It is similar to the kelty redwing but it comes in tactical colors (multicam, coyote brown, tan, foilage green, ocean grey). They call it a 3 day assault pack, but that is probably wishful thinking. I’d call it a patrol pack, or day pack. If you have access to food and water, or are travelling in a vehicle you could stretch it to a 3 day pack maybe. Even though it says 3500 it is actually 2300 cubes. Unlike other “tactical” bags it doesn’t have stupid molle over everything. It is a MOLLE FREE pack. I have a closet full of molle crap that I never use. Get pack big enough for your shit, put stuff in the pack. There is no need to add extra pockets outside your pack and off the center of balance. 

I went with the ocean gray color because I travel alot and I want to look more “greyman” than “tactical”. I also like this darker color because it blends into vehicles if you leave your bag on a floorboard of a car it doesn’t really stand out and say “steal me!” It does kind of go with ACU, and looks good with my Condor Phantom softshell. 

The pack is very lightweight and made from 500 denier kodra nylon. I prefer 500d to 1000d. 1000d is overkill and twice the weight. It has nice adjustable padded shoulder straps, a thin profile sternum strap, and a bad ass padded waistbelt (removable and not pictured) The bag also has two aluminum stays inside the back to help distribute the load and keep the back sturdy. 

It has two side pockets that can hold 1L bottles of water, but I have used them to hold the buttstock of a 10/22. I wish the side pockets had an option to full close them, they just have elastic shock cord keepers. Ideally I want to find some nalagene type bottles and dummy cord them to the pack so I don’t loose them. 

The outside has a hammer loop, some shock cord where you can see I have my shemagh stuffed in, and some hook loops on the front. It has two sets of compression straps on the top and bottom. It has a drag strap too (it’s not crazy overbuilt, don’t think your going to lower somebody off a building with it, but you could tie it to the outside of an ATV or vehicle if you had too.

There are two pockets on the outside one is just a big empty pocket that you can access from the middle of the pack. This is a good spot to stash some food or quick access items like lip balm, earbuds, butt wipes, sunscreen, etc. there is no dividers or organizers in the outside pocket.

Don’t worry because right behind that is a 2nd pocket that runs the full length of the pack that has tons of dividers for pens, tools, mesh pocket, key clip, and a fleece sunglasses  pocket. 

The main zipper goes from top to bottom so you can really open up the whole pack and get to your stuff. I like this better than top loader style packs. Inside the main compartment is a pocket for a 100oz. camelback, there is also a full length divider that you could slip a 15” laptop in or an ipad. I stick my ipad and my first aid kit/medicine/hygene in there. 

The main pocket is pretty big, I can fit clothes for a 3 day trip in there easy. tons of room for cameras, chargers, batteries, etc. 

I did a 3 mile ruck with 30lbs in it, and it was comfy. I really like that it has internal stays to balance the load and the waist strap takes alot of weight off your shoulders and onto your hips. 

Kelty has a good limited lifetime warranty. If your dog eats it they won’t fix it, but any seams that bust out they will fix. 

The price is $150 but they run sales all the time and I’ve seen them from 100-120 depending on the color.

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